Enterprise Asset Search

EAS has an effective and proven process to help you find the right candidate for even the hardest to fill jobs.

We are certified in the "Power Hiring" methodology as developed by Lou Adler, Executive Search Consultant and Author of "Hire with your Head: A Rational Way to Make a Gut Decision."

The Power Hiring process has been shown to dramatically increase hiring accuracy to 80-90% by focusing on a performance based system that virtually eliminates mistakes and allows you to hire superior performers.

 - Performance Profiles - Defining Success
 - Objective Evaluation - Objective Interviews
 - Wide Range Sourcing - Treat Candidates as Customers
 - Emotional Control - Measure Performance first
 - Recruiting Right - Recruiting is marketing not selling

The many benefits of Power Hiring are significant and measurable:

  • Minimize costly mistakes in hiring the wrong person
  • Hire better by hiring top candidates
  • Save more time and money hiring right the 1st time
  • Reduce the errors in interviewing
  • Increasing hiring accuracy

EAS starts the Power Hiring process by working with clients in helping them develop a performance profile for each job they are looking to fill. A performance profile will focus on what the person needs to do to be successful in the job as apposed to what the person has to have.

EAS will then search for candidates that best fit the profile by the candidate's competency and performance ability. Performance is measured first then chemistry and personality, to make sure that past performance matches with future expectations. We only then present the best candidates that match up to the profile requirements.

EAS will make arrangements in scheduling the interviews and work closely with our clients to determine the best interview strategy. We help manage the process of each meeting our clients have with the candidates. Subsequently, we help to determine which candidate is the best fit for the job and estimate what success they might have in 3, 6, and 12 months.

In addition to the proven Power Hiring process, EAS conducts reference checks, education, and job verification and assists in the candidate's resignation process to ensure a smooth transition. We also participate in negotiations to help formulate an offer that will be acceptable to all parties.

Our Clients have come to trust our search process because the results are real. EAS locates and lands the best talent in the marketplace.