Enterprise Asset Search

Only Enterprise Asset Search offers the following mix of recruitment programs to enhance the success of your current search as well as boost future efforts. Choose a specific SearchPlus program that will suit your needs or select all of them.

Blog Talk
The new EAS blog service is an advanced way for us to post your job opening and help you find the leading industry players who don't respond to conventional recruiting methods or who aren't currently in the job market. Our blog page is an interactive talk page meant to attract this hard to reach group and invite them to share their thoughts and comments on the latest industry trends, headline news, and career opportunities. Participating in our talk page is great way of networking and for us to obtain the Who's Who of the industry. Visit the Blog Talk Page.

Talent Scout Service
Allow us to serve as your personal talent scout free of charge. Using the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism, we identify potential candidates through a wide variety of sources. Through our talent scout program, your company will be automatically alerted via email or voice mail of top candidates ready for a career move and ideally suited for your company culture and industry.

Testing Services
EAS has partnered with Management Development Group, an international company that markets and administers "The Predictive Index". The PI produces results that help management predict, describe and measure critical work-related behaviors for key positions. By partnering with Management Development Group, EAS is able to introduce our clients to a cost-effective scientific method for determining what candidate profile fits with the job at hand.

The EAS ClientNet is our way to enhance the search communication process. Our clients are invited to log-in to access candidate resumes, submit new job openings, and obtain the current status and details regarding a search in progress.